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Most current web servers with PHP & MySQL installed will be capable of running WHMCS.

Minimum Requirements

In Version 6.0, our next upcoming major release, our minimum system requirements are changing. Find out more in the Version 6.0 System Requirements

  • Linux or Windows OS
  • PHP Version 5.2
    • Curl Support (with SSL)
    • GD2 Image Library
    • JSON Enabled
    • PHP Memory Limit: 64 MB
  • MySQL Version 4.1.x and above
    • With MySQL Strict Mode disabled
  • Ioncube Loaders V4.0 or later

PHP 5.5 Compatibility
PHP 5.5 is not supported in WHMCS 5.3. WHMCS Version 6.0 (currently in beta) will support both PHP 5.5 and 5.6.

If you would like any more information or need help in determining if your server meets these requirements, please contact us.